Can Tho Heritage Marathoners Must Try Local Cuisine
30/05/2022 - 08:00

Just under the hotpot menu there are goby hotpot, fish sauce hotpot, hotpot of ‘linh’ fish with ‘dien dien’ flowers... There are countless grilled dishes, including grilled snail with pepper, grilled snakehead fish, grilled goby fish with reed, Cai Rang grilled spring rolls, grilled sticky banana, charcoal grilled dove, grilled ricefield rats...

Can Tho's diverse vegetation is why the local dining table is always green, with a rich variety of vegetables and fruits, from rustic flavors to moments of sublimation, with banana flowers, bitter vegetable, water lily, mango bud...

Fruits that can be listed here include durian, mangosteen, Hoa Loc mango, Thai jackfruit, ‘to nu’ (beautiful girl) jackfruit, red-flesh dragon fruit, green skin pomelo, rambutan, guava, star apple and carambola (or starfruit).

Runners should take advantage of the opportunity and ‘load carb’ boldly before and after competing in the Can Tho Marathon - A Heritage Race 2022 with highly 'reputable' dishes in the Mekong Delta.